First Choice Auto Solutions


Semi Synthetic Lube, Oil and Filter Change (5 QTS)$37.95
Diesel Lube, Oil and Filter Change (10 QTS)$59.99
Install High Mileage Engine Oil Treatment$14.95
Fuel Induction Cleaning Service$99.95
Complete Fuel Service (Fuel Induction and Injection Service)$159.88
Throttle Body Cleaning$39.95
Transmission Fluid Exchange Service$159.99
Coolant System Fluid Exchange (1 Gal)$99.95
A/C Evaporator Core Cleaning$79.95
A/C Performance Service with A/C Dye/Oil, up to 1lb of R134a$129.95
Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service$89.95
Full Synthetic Rear Differential Service$114.99
Full Synthetic Front Differential Service$114.99
Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Service$89.95
Full Synthetic Transfer Case Service$89.99
Battery Terminal Service$19.99
Brake Fluid Exchange79.95
Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement$119.99